SharGloMa Soapworks

My name is Gloria McDonald and I am the Glo in SharGloMa. The company name is a little misleading because Shar and Ma are not involved in soapmaking – they are my sisters, Sharon & Mary. SharGloMa was the name my parents used when buying Irish Sweepstakes tickets (pre-lottery) and I wanted to keep that name alive.

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Twenty two years ago I was curious about how soap was made. The internet was just in its infancy but it was a resource that allowed me to search out methods and resources. I made my first batch of soap – and never looked back. I loved experimenting, I loved sourcing ingredients and I loved creating recipes. I also loved connecting with other soapmakers to share ideas and talk about our successes and our failures!! And I made mountains of soap!! I finally had to start selling – just so I could make more soap! I sold for a few years at a local farmers market and loved it. Life got complicated (as it does) and I stopped making soap for over 10 years, but I had enough of a soap stockpile that it lasted me the whole time. When I retired, I was able to get back to what I loved and SharGloMa Soapworks was born.


My mission is to continue to create high quality soap at a reasonable price and to share how to make soap with anyone that wants to learn. Remember, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.
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